Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Freaky Tuesday

Yesterday was my birthday.  I had a great day that started with coffee and presents in bed.  Ahhh.  Promoting my happiness.  (side note: I went to dinner a few months ago a new restaurant, and at the end the waiter asked me if there was anything else he could do to "promote my happiness."  I decided that this phrase needed to be included in my life at least once a day from that point forward.)

Then my meter beeped to tell me my reservoir was low.   (Ok, to be truthful it beeped the night before but I didn't feel like to changing it so I checked to see how many hours of insulin I had left.  Omg, 19 hours!  I'm only gonna sleep for about 7, I don't need to change it now! I rationalized...)  And, luckily, I have always drank (drunken? drinked?) black coffee with one splenda so I don't have to worry about bolusing for coffee in the morning.  But...eventually.... I had to get out of my wonderfully warm and comfy presents-covered bed and change my reservoir. 

I don't know why I said this, as I wasn't really in a morbid mood, but I sighed, "Gotta get up and change this thing so I can live another day."

Later, after lunch and cupcakes! on the roof deck I had class from 6-9 pm (brutal!) Its 20+ miles from my house, and knowing greater Boston traffic, I leave 2 hours early just in case.  Traffic was actually light, so I had an hour to kill before class. I decided to take a walk in a huge cemetery that's on the way to class.   It was a nice day, the cemetery is nicely landscaped and  is not at all freaky...

Well, that is, not at all freaky until this:

Two headstones next to each other: one with my  name, one with my husand's name.


Who am I Ebeneezer Scrooge 
with the Ghost of Taking-a-risk-by-not-refilling-your-reservoir-when-you-got-the-warning Future? 

And on my birthday? Man!

(Other than this freaky episode, I really did have a wonderful birthday)

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