Saturday, June 30, 2012

Requesting Travel Advice

I'm headed to Ireland for a family vacation next week.  Cannot wait!  Got my new box of supplies from Medtronic so I'll have more than enough packed in my suitcase, carryon and handbag.  And, after a bunch of hoops and red tape- I can now get three vials of Novolog at a time instead of one.  So much easier to deal with.

I have not traveled more than 1-2 hr time difference away since I got my pump in Nov.  This will be my first trip 5+ hrs ahead.  So, I have lots of questions:

1) Just read on medtronics fb page that I am not supposed to wear the pump in the aiport body scanner?  I've gone through it several times before with my pump on.  Is this really true?  Do I have to opt-out and get felt up? I'd rather not.  Can I put my pump in the basket and send it through the x ray thingie?

2)  Dealing with time zone changes- How do you guys adjust your basal rates? Do you just change the time on the pump? Will it automatically skip to the correct basal rate that i have set up for that particular time.  (If my rate changes at 7 am, and I am on the plane on 2 am american time, then set the pump to 7 am Irish time, will the new basal rate start then?)

3) CGMs- do you guys travel with yours? I wore mine when we went on a ski vacation because we were doing alot of snowboarding and physical activity, so I didn't want to go low and not know it.  But, then I misplaced it in the hotel and had a panic attack tearing the room apart looking for it an thinking about how I didn't want (meaning couldn'") to pay $8000 to get another one.  Ideas on if its worth taking the CGM along?

Thanks all for the advice.  I'll try to figure out how to bolus for the beer and chips on my own.  ;)

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  1. Hey Liz,

    I've been a little behind on reading my blogs so I am just seeing this now. What part of Ireland are you travelling to? My family and I live in Dublin. Unfortunately the weather is crap right now...I hope it's better while you are here.