Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fantasy Diabetes Device

Diabetes Blog Week Day 4

So far (fingers crossed/knocking on wood) I really don't mind the infusion set changes or wearing the sensor.  Sure my pump line usually ends up wrapped around my waist at night when I'm sleeping, and having two sites on my body at all times isn't ideal, but I can live with those things.

My fantasy device would be an app for smart phones that immediately and accurately counted the number of carbs in any and every meal.  You know how you can scan one of those bar code box thingies with your iPhone to go to a website or get more info? I would have the same technology look at the food I was about to eat and tell me precisely how many carbs were inside.  The app would take everything into account: condiments, sauces, garnishes etc. No more wondering about serving size, or asking yourself, Is this baseball sized or the size of my palm? the size of my husbands palm?  Does the restaurant consider this to me a S, M, or Large?  All those frustrating ambiguities would vanish and you woud have your carb count with the touch of a button.  Imagine eating pad thai, sushi, pastsa dishes with all kinds of veggies, salads with a hundred ingredients, casseroles... with no worries... and no nasty blood sugar effects... Ahhhhh.....Can someone invent this now please?

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