Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mixed Results

In my last post, I mentioned that I'd be going to a family party on Saturday and how hard it was for me to figure out the correct timing and dose of my boluses when "grazing" on party food.  The party was great!  The BG control was- ehhh.   Before the party, I decided to try a square wave bolus for the appetizer part of the meal, and then bolus again for the big meal.  Well, the best laid plans...

When we arrived, most of the food for the meal part was already out, so I did my first meal bolus right away.  Then I gave myself a square wave bolus to cover any additional snacking, and the dessert table. I have trouble gauging the square wave because its so difficult to know how many carbs I'm going to eat over the course of two hours, and I don't really feel like going low at a party and having to deal with the sweating, heart racing, and foggy head, not to mention the fatigue I have afterwards.  So, naturally, I underestimated, and my CGM showed my BG hovering around 220 for a few hours.

When we got home, I decided to have a small salad for dinner and took a normal bolus.

Later that night, after falling asleep for at least an hour, I heard the

For those of you with Medtronic pump and CGM you'll recognize that as the alert tone that your BG is low.  I looked at the CGM and it said 70 with no double arrows, so I figured ehh, I'm not that low...I didn't have any of the low symptoms so I ignored the alert.  Repeat 3 times with the same BG readings (68-70).  Its now 12:45 am and I can't take it anymore so I get up and drink a small glass of orange juice just to be on the safe side and try to fall back asleep.

In the morning I woke up at 8:30 with a BG of 220 from the finger test, while my CGM said 103.  As I said, mixed results.  Things I re-learned just from writing this all out.  Always test with your meter even if its 12:45 am and you don't feel like it. :-)


In an effort to make up for my roller coaster BG weekend, on Monday I decided to make no-noodle lasagna.  It was a cold day outside and I wanted to make something warm and comforting for dinner, that wasn't super high in carbs. I found a recipe online for lasagna with eggplant slices used in place of the noodles.  A whole eggplant has ~35 gs of carbs, so I figured that's a lot better than using noodles.  The rest of the recipe is pretty much the same as the regular kind and I added a lot of herbs and spices to jazz up the bland eggplant.

Continuing with the theme of this post, the results of this recipe were...well, mixed.  It tasted pretty much like regular lasagna.  The ricotta and mozzarella cheeses were just as gooey and delish, and the sauce was nice and spicy.  But the eggplant was still a little firm (after baking for an hour, and letting the dish rest for 15 mins)  and hard to cut through, kind of making it hard to eat in without trailing a long piece of eggplant from your teeth.  It just wasn't the same as noodle lasagna.  Hubs and I said it wasn't bad, and that we would eat it again.  It just wasn't our favorite.  We gave it a 6.5 out of 10.  The other mixed news is that it was so low-carb (good!) I ended up having a low of 47 a few hours after dinner (bad!)

Has anyone else experimented with low carb recipes?  What were your results?

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