Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One Thing to Improve

Diabetes Blog Week Day Three

I am cheating with this post.  I need to improve my A1C.  I know, not an original idea.  But still my goal.   I was expecting it to drop significantly when I went on th pump (after all I did my online research and found that this happened to so many people, it had to happen to me, right?) Yeah, no.  Mine actually went up by .2 pts.  I don't really feel like saying the exact number but lets just say that you take the year I was 4 years old, remove the 19 from the front of it, and put a decimal in between the remaining two numbers.

I know I'm cheating with this one- if I want to improve my A1C I'll have to improve my carb counting, frequency of testing, and looking at trends from my CGM...  But, that's my focus for the next three months.   I'd like to get the A1C to the year I was -2 years old, if possible.


  1. You Can Do This, Liz!!! Some A1C-lowering vibes your way, on the road to improving what you need improved! Thanks for sharing this... and it's not a cheat at all!

  2. Thanks for the encourgament Mike! I was having a "glucocoaster" kind of afternoon, so seeing your comment last night was just what I needed. I've enjoyed checking out the Diabetes Mine but have only just skimmed the surface. I'm sure I'll find a lot of good info on working on the A1C there. Thanks!